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CREATE SPACE WITH US                                            04         OUR STORY

                                                                            ABOUT  US
 Inside these pages is a unique approach to                                 OUR MANUF A C TURI NG
 site furniture selection and landscape planning.                           CUS T OM IZA TION CAP ABI LITIE S
 From insights into our made-to-order manufacturing process

 to on-site galleries of product installations,
 our 2020 Product Guide is here to educate and inspire you       18         INSPIRATION GALLERY
 on your journey to creating diverse and functional public spaces.
                                                                            NEW  PR ODUC T S
 Come on in and Create Space With Us.                                       BENCHE S
                                                                            RE CEP T A CLE S

                                                                            T ABLE S & CHAI R S
                                                                            BIC Y CLE RA CK S

                                                                 44         PRODUCT DETAILS &
                                                                            PRICING INDEX

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