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                                                                    This year, Keystone Ridge Designs will celebrate 25 years of success in
                                                                    the site furniture industry. In this monumental year, we not only look
                                                                    back on where we have been and how we have evolved, but we also
                                                                    look towards the future with continued passion and optimism.

                                                                    We can proudly say that what started as a small family business in
                                                                    1995 has become an industry benchmark for quality site furnishings
                                                                    including benches, litter receptacles, table sets, bike racks, planters
                                                                    and bollards. From downtown streetscapes and parks to shopping
                                                                    centers, schools, office complexes and everything in between,
                                                                    Keystone Ridge Designs creates a positive client experience for
                                                                    those who value design, durability and practical function.

                                                                    How do we achieve all of this? It all starts with a dedication
                                                                    to quality American manufacturing.

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