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COMMER CIAL - GRADE                                                       A TTENTIVE

               RE C Y CLED MA TERIAL S                                                   CUS T OMER SER VICE

               With state-of-the-art equipment and regionally-sourced,                   We aim for client satisfaction from product inquiry
               structurally-sound raw materials, our manufacturing                       to final site placement and beyond. Be assured that
               process guarantees the utmost in commercial-grade site                    knowledgeable, courteous customer service is handled
               furniture. With steel and aluminum components ranging                     directly from our headquarters, maintaining a direct flow
               from 25% to 100% recycled content, we actively support                    of information and timely assistance.
               LEED and green building initiatives.

               THREE - YEAR W ARRANTY                                                    FULL WELD  SEAMS

               To back our commitment to quality manufacturing and                       Each piece of steel is welded together with a continuous
               product durability, we proudly warrant our site furnishings               inseparable weld seam. This technique strengthens the
               against material and workmanship defects for three years                  bond of steel components while smoothing the overall
               from the date of shipment.                                                finished appearance and preventing corrosion.

 10  KEY S T ONE RI D GE DE SIGNS                                                        KEY S T ONE RI D GE DE SIGNS                      11
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