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                                                                    In September of 2020, we kicked off our 25th anniversary celebration.
                                                                    We can look back over our history of design and take great pride
                                                                    in the progress that we’ve made and the accomplishments we’ve
                                                                    achieved.  For a quarter of a century, we have been transforming
                                                                    public spaces with our exclusive line of site furnishings.  Our patented
                                                                    benches, litter receptacles, table sets, bike racks, recycling container,
                                                                    planters, bollards and other outdoor amenities have made an impact
                                                                    all across the country from downtown streetscapes and parks to
                                                                    shopping centers, schools, office complexes and everything in

                                                                    Following a year like no other, we move forward into the next 25 years
                                                                    with a renewed optimism and passion for our outdoor spaces and the
                                                                    products that make them safe, functional, social and engaging.  We
                                                                    will continue to stay in tune with current trends and the changing
                                                                    landscape. We will collaborate. We will research. We will invest. We
                                                                    will learn. We will respond.

                                                                    25 years of design is just the beginning and our dedication to quality
                                                                    American manufacturing remains at our core.

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