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The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform Keystone Ridge Designs’ clients the ways in which we use information gathered from this site.

Privacy Policy

Keystone Ridge Designs delegates time and resources to protecting our clients’ privacy. While browsing our site you may be asked to provide us with personal information regarding you or your company. Keystone Ridge Designs may ask for information regarding, but not limited to, the following: name, company name, address (personal or business), phone, fax, e-mail address, job title, company function etc. If you choose not to provide the information we request, you may be unable to access certain services, offers and content on our web site. At no time will Keystone Ridge Designs knowingly sell or distribute any of this information.

On-line Requests

All requests generated on-line will be monitored for sales trends and marketing purposes. You may be contacted by our sales department to clarify certain information and to ensure accuracy.

Remaining Anonymous

We respect your privacy. While viewing the Keystone Ridge Designs website you will not have to tell us who you are. We may track Internet domain addresses from which people visit us. This information is then analyzed to look for trends and statistics, but users remain anonymous, unless you voluntarily tell us who you are.

Receiving/Updating Information

If you prefer not to receive information from us please let us know by calling us at 1-800-284-8208 or by e-mailing us at Please be sure to include your email address, full name, and specifically what information you do not want to receive. If you would like to update or correct your email address, street address or other personal information with us please contact us the same way.