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Keystone Ridge Designs site furnishings are distinctive not only in design but also in their quality, durability and aesthetic appeal. These traits define the Keystone Advantage.

Handcrafted in America

Keystone Ridge Designs products are welded and powder coated by hand to allow continuous inspection during the manufacturing process. All steel products are fully manufactured with pride at our headquarter facilities in Pennsylvania using American-made raw materials. Our products are covered by United States design patents, are patent pending or are considered Exclusive by Design™ in the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail that is dedicated to each product.

Continuous Weld Seams

Each piece of steel is welded together with a continuous inseparable weld seam. This technique strengthens the bond of steel components while smoothing the overall finished appearance and is a critical element in preventing moisture from causing corrosion. Each seam is rigorously inspected by quality control to ensure product consistency, quality and stability.

Commercial-Grade and Recycled Materials

With state-of-the-art equipment and superior, structurally-sound raw materials, our manufacturing process guarantees the utmost in commercial-grade quality site furniture. The steel that is used to manufacture our line of steel furnishings is composed of at least 25% recycled content. Certain types of steel bar used may be comprised of up to 100% recycled steel. Also, the aluminum cast ends used on certain bench series are produced from 97- 98% recycled aluminum scrap.

Durable Products and Timeless Designs

Keystone Ridge Designs manufactures durable products that are intended for long-term use and offer an incredible price-to-life ratio. The furnishings are made with commercial-grade materials and manufactured with superior craftsmanship, limiting the need for frequent replacements and extending the product life cycle. Our classic designs transcend fads and consistently complement ever-changing landscapes. Maintenance is as simple as soap and water.

Keyshield® Powder Coat Finish

The trademarked Keyshield® finish protects each piece of site furniture from chipping, cracking, and UVA damage while providing unparalleled corrosion resistance. Steel products are finished with a two-coat HAPS-free powder coating process applied to a 7-15 mil thickness. Substrate preparation includes sandblasting to a white finish to remove all surface contaminants. The raw product then receives a corrosion-inhibiting phosphate coating prior to the application of the powder coating. The first coat applied to the substrate is zinc-rich epoxy powder primer used exclusively on sandblasted parts. The second coat is a colored polyester powder coating. Both coats are electrostatically applied and oven cured according to powder coating manufacturing specifications to create a smooth, satin-like finish and a low-emitting non-porous armor.

Three-Year Warranty

As an American manufacturer, we take great pride in being able to provide exceptional site furniture products and attentive customer service. Keystone Ridge Designs guarantees the quality of every product we manufacture with a competitive warranty that exceeds industry standards, ensures product durability, and supports long-term client satisfaction.

Keystone Ridge Designs warrants all products (other than noted exceptions) against material and workmanship defects for a period of three (3) years from the date of shipment with a limited structural warranty of up to 20 years. For full warranty details, exceptions, and eligibility, download our complete warranty here:

View or download our complete Warranty [PDF].

If you have questions about our products and warranty coverage, please contact us.

Fully-Assembled Delivery

Utilizing the finest packaging materials, each piece is palletized, securely fastened and enveloped with shrink-wrap. A heavy-ply carton secured with a banding strap finishes the package to ensure optimal product protection. In addition, the Keystone Ridge Designs reputation has afforded national contracts with prominent trucking carriers, providing the most cost-effective shipping rates. Upon arrival on-site, products are ready for placement with little or no assembly, saving time and money and providing ultimate stability to avoid damage.

Client Service Expertise

Keystone Ridge Designs’ representatives ensure client satisfaction from product inquiry to final site placement. Trained consultants offer expertise on product specifications, technical inquiries and project timelines. Be assured that knowledgeable, courteous assistance is handled directly from the manufacturing home office, maintaining a direct flow of information and providing answers on a timely basis.