Recycling & Compost

Create a successful zero waste initiative with well-placed and well-marked receptacles for sorting trash. Keystone Ridge Designs offers an array of litter receptacles designed to promote easy trash separation, and our customizable decals help keep waste out of landfills by specifying compostable, recyclable or other instructions.

Any of our standard litter receptacles can be converted into recycling or compost containers by adding custom lids. Add decals, KeyshieldArt™ custom signage or bronze plaques to receptacles to provide simple waste disposal solutions for pedestrians. Choose from standard graphics or create your own. Below is a collection of examples that showcases our capabilities. Call for pricing.

Complete Sorting Solutions

From our space-saving split lid container to our Dual trash/recycle units, these products create a universal look with multiple functions.

Custom Penn Dual Receptacle with laser cuts for trash and recycling Penn Dual Receptacle with custom decals for recycling and waste disposal

Dual Midtown trash and recycling container with KeyshieldArt signage Harmony Recycling Receptacle with custom decals and baffle

Midtown Receptacle with split recycling and trash capabilities Midtown receptacles with trash, recycling, and compost sorting signage

Additional Recycling & Compost Examples

Consider powder coat colors and unique graphics to enhance your recycling and composting initiatives and make an impactful statement.

Midtown Dual Receptacle for recycling and trash capabilities Reading recycling container with custom decals on a baffle lid

Midtown recycling receptacle with door, decals, and baffle lid Reading recycling receptacle with a custom decal wrap and lid

Single Carson Receptacle with Compost Signage Three Carson Receptacles with Trash, Recycling, and Compost Signage

Lid Options

Our flat lids are versatile and provide ample space for providing waste disposal instruction. Use our standard text and graphics or create your own unique message.

Standard Flat Lid with trash decals Standard Recycle Flat Lid with recycling decals

Standard Flat Lid with compost decals Standard Split Lid with trash and recycling decals

Custom All-In-One Recycle Lid with decals Custom Split Lid for bottles and cans with decals

Custom Recycling Lid with decals Custom Recycle Lid with baffle

Sorting Decals and Custom Signage

Whether it’s a simple word or a full-color instructional plaque, we can make your containers stand out.

Standard Trash Decal for receptacle lids Standard Recycle Decal for receptacle lids

Standard Compost Decal for receptacle lids Standard Trash and Recycle Decal for split receptacle lids

Standard Trash Signage for litter receptacles Standard Recycle Signage for recycling containers

Standard Compost Signage for compost receptacles