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Prices on this website supersede all other pricing and are subject to change without notice. Pricing is for products only; freight and packaging are not included. These charges are detailed in a formal quotation. All site furnishings are produced to individual customer specification and require a 50% down payment before manufacturing. The balance must be prepaid before shipping. This payment method is an effective and efficient system to ensure timely production and scheduling and to manage costs for the client. Mastercard®, Visa®, American Express® and Discover® are accepted payment methods.

  • A 50% down payment of total costs is required to activate an order with an approved credit card, check or money order. Check or money order payment orders will be activated upon receipt of check or money order by mail or express courier. Credit card orders will be immediately activated.
  • Freight and Packaging charges will be confirmed in a formal quotation prepared by a Sales Representative upon activation of your order.
  • The remaining 50% of total costs plus Freight and Packaging is due before the products will ship from our facility. Upon notification from Client Services, the remaining balance is payable by approved credit card, check or money order.
  • On the day your products ship, Client Services will contact you with pertinent shipping information.

Lead Time

Delivery dates are estimated dates only and vary, but are usually estimated for 8-12 weeks. Final ship date notification will be coordinated through our Client Services.


The bill of lading is considered the client receipt and should be compared to each delivery for discrepancy. Site furnishings should be carefully examined for damage incurred during shipment. Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc.® is not responsible for product damage or shortage once the bill of lading is signed by the client. Inconsistency between order and shipment quantities, as well as product damage, must be indicated on the bill of lading upon delivery and before the freight company leaves the delivery site. Immediately notify Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc.® Client Services of concerns regarding delivery.


Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc.® is committed to product quality as well as client satisfaction. Therefore, all products are covered against material and workmanship defects for THREE YEARS from the date of purchase. To apply for the three-year warranty, products must be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Site furnishings are recommended to be bolted to the surface to avoid theft, damage or movement. Umbrellas must be anchored in an 80 lb. or heavier base to apply for the three-year warranty. For questions concerning proper installation of our products, please call Client Services. Products damaged by abnormal use, vandalism or acts of nature are not eligible for this factory warranty. Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc.® will repair or replace any part found defective upon written notification and inspection by Client Services. Wood table/seat tops, fiberglass planters, gypsum planters and other products, as noted, are guaranteed for indoor use only.


Keystone Ridge Designs utilizes high-quality stainless steel assembly hardware where applicable. Anchoring hardware, due to specialization required for each installation, is not supplied. Stainless steel hardware is recommended.

Proprietary Statement

Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc.® is proud to offer the design community exceptional site furnishings. Due to the time and resources invested in designing, manufacturing and marketing Keystone Ridge Designs’ products and services, we pursue design patents, copyrights, trademarks and service marks whenever possible. Any unlawful duplication or misrepresentation of Keystone Ridge Designs’ products or promotional materials will be rigorously protected.

Keystone Ridge Designs reserves the right to alter product design, materials or construction without notice.

Keystone Ridge Designs’ products are covered by one or more of the following Patent Numbers: United States Des. D372,133; D376,270; D380,313; D406,700; D406,701; D413,449; D413,738; D414,952; D418,652; D420,814; D421,515; D421,824; D423,166; D423,239; D424,769; D440,060; D446,399; D449,745; D454,674; D456,579; D457,334; D457,701; D457,738; D457,741; D457,742; D458,044; D459,563; D461,336; D465,679; D465,936; D465,952; D466,318; D466,729; D467,104; D471,368; D474,618; D474,619; D481,890; D506,339; D510,216; D515,856; D629,233; D749,861; D794,971; D818,296; D854,346; patents pending or Exclusive By Design™.

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Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets an original and exclusive line of site furniture. In accordance with the United States patent process, our products are officially marked with the designated descriptive numbers and required labeling. We strictly prohibit any other labeling which interferes, mutilates or restricts the legal requirements of product identification.

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