LEED Certification

Listed below are the Keystone Ridge Designs site furniture characteristics that can contribute to LEED® certification. All information is based on the guidelines set forth in the LEED® v4 for BUILDING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION. If you need more information about specific site furnishings used towards LEED certification, please contact your sales representative.

Alternate Transportation with Bicycle Racks

To improve public health and minimize vehicle traffic, short-term bicycle storage should be placed within walking distance to building entrances. Keystone Ridge Designs offers bike racks in a variety of unique styles to meet capacity needs. (LT Credit: Bicycle Facilities: BD+C: Bicycle Storage and Shower Rooms)

Maximize Open Space

Site furnishings such as benches and table sets can be used to help create exterior open spaces that encourage interaction with the environment and recreation. (SS Credit: Open Space: BD+C)

Recyclables Collection

Keystone Ridge Designs recycling containers and litter receptacles with recycling lids can help to reduce the waste generated by building occupants to meet current requirements. (MR Prerequisite: Storage and Collection of Recyclables: BD+C)

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control

Ash urns and ash lid options on litter receptacles can be used to control tobacco smoke and designate smoking areas away from building entrances. (EQ Prerequisite: Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control: BD+C)

Reduce Heat Islands

Umbrella products complement our table sets as well as provide shade in courtyard areas to reduce the heat island effect and minimize impact on microclimate. (SS Credit: Heat Island Reduction: BD+C: Option 1)

Environmental Product Declaration

To encourage the use of products and materials for which life-cycle information is available, our low-emission powder coat finish is made with powder that has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) conforming to ISO 21930, 14025, 14040, and 14044. This can help reach building product life-cycle impact goals. (MR CREDIT: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization — Environmental Product Declarations)

Recycled Steel Content

To assist with responsible extraction criteria, the steel that is used to manufacture our line of steel furnishings is composed of at least 25% recycled content. Certain types of steel bar used may be comprised of up to 100% recycled steel. Also, the aluminum cast ends used on certain bench series are produced from 97-98% recycled aluminum scrap. (MR Credit: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Sourcing of Raw Materials: BD+C: Option 2)

Download Complete Environmental Statement here.