Whether your goal is to generate pride, give direction, add color or raise funds by selling advertising space on your site furnishings, Decal Designs™ are the perfect solution. Turn plain surfaces into high-impact, striking visuals with these eye-catching, full color 3M™ adhesive graphics or screen printed images produced from photographs, illustrations or computer images. Custom decals are a cost-effective alternative to personalizing your project and they are factory-applied so your products ship fully-assembled and ready to place on site!

Decal of Keystone Ridge Designs' logo on bench back Midtown litter split receptacle with decal

Penn dual recycling trash receptacle with decals Atlanta table with Backgammon game decal

Phoenixville flat lid decal on litter receptacle Recycle decal on Midtown litter receptacle

Full size decal wrap on Midtown litter receptacle Various decals on recycle receptacle with baffle

Standard Lid Decals

Included here are the standard graphic layouts we offer for trash, recycling, and compost solutions on any of our receptacle lids. If you would like a custom graphic on a lid, please let us know.

Standard trash decal on lid with icon Standard recycle decal on lid with icon

Standard compost decal on lid with icon Standard trash and recycle decal on split lid with icons