Care & Maintenance

General Maintenance Instructions

Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc® manufactures site furniture which maintains its original workmanship and powder coat finish with nominal upkeep. We recommend the following care for our steel site furniture:

  • Regularly clean the products using a soft cloth or towel with a general all-purpose cleaner mixed with water. Suggested brands would include Simple Green or 409.
  • To maintain the powder coat luster, apply a light buffing cream or wax with a soft cloth as needed. Suggested brands would include Meguiar’s or Turtle Wax. These products can be found at local automotive stores.
  • If graffiti is present, it may be removed with lacquer thinner. Lightly rub the affected area with a towel dipped in lacquer thinner until it is clean. Then, thoroughly clean the part as described above.
  • Minor damage to the finish may be remedied with color-matched touch-up paint. Touch-up paint can be obtained free of charge by calling our Customer Service Department at (800) 284-8208.
  • Check to make sure your site furniture is secure if surface mounted.

When using cleaners or other products, be sure to follow the manufacturers specifications on the packaging. Under no circumstances should you use any type of acid on your furniture. This will permanently damage the powder coat finish.

Download Powder Coat Steel Maintenance Instructions here.

Download Ipe Maintenance Instructions here.