Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc.® is committed to site furniture quality as well as client satisfaction. Therefore, all site furnishings are covered against material and workmanship defects for THREE YEARS from the date of shipment.

To apply for the three-year warranty, site furniture must be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Products are recommended to be bolted to the surface to avoid theft, damage, or movement. Umbrellas must be anchored in an 80 lb. or heavier base to apply for the three-year warranty.

For questions concerning proper installation of our site furniture, please call a Client Service Representative.

Site furnishings damaged by abnormal use, vandalism or acts of nature are not eligible for this factory warranty.

Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc.® will repair or replace any part found defective upon written notification and inspection by our company representative.

Wood table/seat tops, fiberglass planters, gypsum planters and other products as noted are guaranteed for indoor use only.

Download complete Warranty here.