Public Safety Amenities

For over 25 years as an American manufacturer, we have been developing products that help architects, facility managers and property owners to Create Space. To create unique, functional and beautiful public spaces. And now, our outdoor spaces are more important than they have ever been and perhaps should always be. The outdoors is a place to heal, to escape, to play, to work, to explore, and to learn. It is our goal and our passion to not only help create these spaces, but to encourage healthy public spaces with effective site furnishings and public safety amenities. From serving essential healthcare facilities to helping schools and businesses offer outdoor alternatives, we provide creative, made-in-the-USA solutions that help inspire and promote public wellness.


Anti-Microbial Finish - We offer a silver ion powder coat finish on our products that provides anti-microbial protection against the growth of pathogens. By operating our own state-of-the-art powder coating facility, we have the flexibility to coat products and components as needed to anti-microbial specifications.

Hand Sanitizer Solutions - Upon recognizing a need for commercial-grade hand sanitizer dispensers, we’ve worked with designers to be able to offer durable, free-standing hand-sanitizer units for indoor and outdoor usage. These hand-sanitizing products allow essential businesses and outdoor open spaces a way to encourage healthy public practices.

Signage - In a unique powder coating process, we are able to fuse images and graphics into our powder coat finish. This allows us to create vibrant indoor/outdoor signage for wayfinding, instruction or health guidance to complement public furniture.

Outdoor Solutions - Our collection of benches, trash receptacles, table sets, individual chairs and more are an important element to healthy landscape design. Customize size, spacing and separations to accommodate effective design for changing needs.

We are, at our core, a site furniture company and we believe in the essential nature of serving public facilities and outdoors environments with solutions that build confidence and facilitate safe social engagement. Meet us outside, and let’s Create Space.