Powder Coating

When it comes to powder coating, we have got you covered. Keystone Ridge Designs has the most advanced powder coating technologies in the industry. It is a superior finish for outdoor applications because of its high durability, smooth appearance, low maintenance and environmental friendliness.

KEYSHIELD® Powder Coat Finish

The trademarked KEYSHIELD® powder coat finish is our own unique brand of powder coating that ensures the highest level of product quality and rust prevention. All Keystone Ridge Designs steel products are finished with this two-coat powder coating process. Applied to an industry leading 7-15 mil thickness, KEYSHIELD® offers unparalleled corrosion resistance and a protective armor against daily abuse and harsh outdoor elements. It is also a HAPs-free, low-emitting finish that contributes to healthy air quality.

THE PROCESS: Starting with substrate preparation, sandblasting is done to remove all surface contaminants. The raw product then receives a corrosion-inhibiting phosphate coating prior to the two-coat powder application. The first coat is zinc-rich epoxy powder primer used exclusively on sandblasted parts. The second coat is a colored polyester powder coating. Both coats are electrostatically applied and oven cured according to powder coating manufacturing specifications to create a non-porous, smooth, satin-like protective finish.

Anti-Microbial Powder Coating

Powder coating is innately easy to maintain, clean and disinfect. To help further protect your products and the environment they are in, we also offer an anti-microbial powder coat finish that helps in preventing the growth of pathogens including bacteria, mold and fungus. Our anti-microbial finish contains a silver ion additive that naturally inhibits the growth of microbes. This silver ion technology is commonly used for healthcare equipment and can now be incorporated into any of our benches, trash cans or other site furnishings to help with public wellness initiatives. We offer this coating as a standard in Gloss Black but additional colors are available upon request.


Perhaps our most advanced powder coating technology, our KeyshieldArt™ process offers the opportunity to fuse full-color graphics, patterns or images into our durable powder coat finish. This unique process allows us to create realistic wood grain patterns on aluminum slats to create the look of wood with the durability of powder coated metal. It also is the process we use to create custom table top images and metal signage. Incorporate instructions, branding, images or logos at your site or onto our furnishings with creative uses of our KeyshieldArt™ technology.