Landscape Alternatives

Rethink public space design in today’s changing environment with this curated collection of our innovative and adaptable site furniture solutions. Consider hands-free seating and standing alternatives that offer minimal touch points of germ transmission. Encourage physical distances with individual movable chairs or 8 foot long armless benches. Keep sidewalks spacious for walking traffic while accommodating cyclists with low-profile bike racks. Facilitate crowd control with bollards and other creative pedestrian deterrents. Below is a grouping of our standard products that can help public spaces adapt to changing needs and new concerns but most importantly, as an American made-to-order manufacturer with custom fabrication capabilities, we are ready and available to innovate with you to create new standards of landscape design.

For more about our ability to adapt and respond, visit How We Adapt.

Standing Height Options

Movable Chairs

Armless Benches & Flexible Seating

Space-Saving Bike Racks

Pedestrian Deterrents