October 21, 2015

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner so what better time to have a little fun and post about Creative Halloween Costumes in the site furnishings industry. Get your Site Furniture Costume Pinterest boards ready for these unique and oddly specific ideas.

Trash Can

With a little cardboard and some spray paint, you can get ready to pull off a good trick as a Keystone Ridge Designs litter receptacle. Make yourself a cardboard elevated lid hat (call for detailed instructions), hop into a trash can, wait for the right moment with an unknowing person passing by and then BOO! Trash can treachery!

A fun way to showcase halloween costume ideas

Ash Tower

The Penn Ash Tower was the inspiration for this costume done by a Keystone Ridge Designs employee at a past Halloween party. All black clothing and a black hat accented by authentic “please use receptacle” decals seamlessly come together to perfectly mimic our ash disposal solution. Add a cigarette prop and everyone (who works at Keystone Ridge Designs) will know what you are.

Penn Ash Tower costume

Bollard/Bike Rack

An easy adaptation of the ash urn costume. Wear all black (or any solid color) from head to toe, stand up straight and put your hands on your hips. Now you look like a Harbor Bollard with Bike Loops!

Harbor Bollard costume

Trade Show Booth Representative

A polo shirt, khakis or black pants, and a Keystone Ridge Designs lanyard and name badge make you fit for a tradeshow. Add a smile, business cards and a firm handshake and you are ready to go. Don’t forget to wear sensible shoes because even though we exhibit seating, a tradeshow always means a long day on your feet! Be sure to tell everybody to visit us at ASLA booth #1513!

Keystone Ridge Designs representatives at a trade show

Sure, these ideas may not be suitable for every crowd or event but hopefully they at least sparked some creativity of your own. Whether or not you decide to dress like a trash can, have a safe and fun Halloween!