January 27, 2022

Residential Development - Outdoor Trends

When we talk about the applications of site furnishings, we typically refer to commercial settings and high-traffic public venues. However, as the lines of where we live, work and play become more blurred, it is important to recognize emerging trends in residential development and take note of how site furniture plays a role in our own neighborhoods and housing communities. The key takeaway is that single-family neighborhood associations, multi-family residences and master-planned communities are increasingly starting to consider how they can create outdoor spaces that encourage residents to exercise, socialize, build a sense of community and lead a better quality of life.

Offer Walkability

For new home construction and housing developments, walkability is a priority. Walkable neighborhoods influence property value, provide increased safety and encourage physical wellness and socialization. With well-maintained sidewalks and easy-access trails, residents are more likely to get out to exercise and interact with neighbors. To make a walkable neighborhood accessible to all ages and abilities, frequently installed benches allow for places to rest, relax and enjoy the sights along the way. This is especially relevant to promote a healthy living environment at senior living communities. Litter receptacles also become important throughout sidewalk communities to encourage residents to maintain clean streets and common areas.

Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Along with walkability, there are other ways to create a wellness-based community that attracts buyers and renters seeking to maintain healthy lifestyles. Outdoor fitness stations and exercise facilities welcome community engagement, fitness and recreation. Provided bike racks and bicycle storage areas accommodate bicycle commuters and alternative transportation. In addition, shared community garden spaces can encourage healthy eating and sustainability.

Encourage Play

Common areas with playgrounds are appealing to young families in new home communities, but kids are not the only ones to benefit from areas for play. Residential construction has begun to include areas for people of all ages to find entertainment and activity. Property owner associations and home owner associations (HOAs) are including expansive community centers for social activities and access to private sports courts among their list of amenities. Creative ideas such as golf putting greens or fire pit seating areas are transforming how residential open spaces are designed and used. Even pets can find a place to play when dog parks are incorporated into the design of a master-planned community.

Increase Access to Nature

Finding new ways for home owners and property renters to get outside and connect to nature is relevant for all areas of residential construction. Condominiums and apartments are incorporating enhanced outdoor experiences with interior courtyards, rooftop decks and green roof applications with table sets to provide a place to gather with friends in the outdoors. In larger housing communities, gardens, large parks and sprawling hiking trails offer ways to get out without having to go away. Residential design has also begun to include posts to hang hammocks throughout the neighborhood for an innovative way to access and enjoy nature.

Create a Sense of Community

All of these community living and housing trends ultimately hint at a desire to return to neighborhood living - to bring back the spirit of vibrant communities. It is a drive to bring people out of self-isolation and into their neighborhoods in positive ways, even if it’s just from the large front porches being designed into many new home builds. By offering shared outdoor environments, walkable streets, diverse amenity centers, common hangout spaces and other wellness opportunities, these growing residential developments provide the luxury feel of a resort with a necessary sense of belonging to call a place home.  


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