February 28, 2024

Mix and Match Site Furniture Designs

When it comes to creating inviting and functional outdoor spaces, the right choice of site furniture can make all the difference. While there is a lot to be said about uniformity in design across a project site, the art of mixing and matching site furniture can take outdoor aesthetics to a whole different level. Combining various styles, colors, and design trends not only adds to a property’s visual impact but also allows for personalized and unique outdoor experiences. At Keystone Ridge Designs, we offer a wide variety of patented site furniture designs that can be paired to complement, contrast, and coordinate with your landscape vision. Here we present some of the reasons to consider this distinctive design approach.

Picture of Breakwater Picnic Harmony Litter

Express Your Style

Mixing and matching site furniture designs in outdoor spaces is a fantastic way to express your community’s collective personality or your property’s brand image. Whether you prefer a contemporary, classic, or eclectic look, combining different styles allows you to curate a space that resonates with the public, creates the right mood, or reflects your town’s character.

Picture of Exeter Chairs and Atticus Bench

In the case of offering community involvement for purchasing memorial and donor benches, allowing the donor or sponsor to have a say in the color and bench design can create an on-site diversity that is even more personal, meaningful, and symbolic. 

Picture of Pink Park Bench

Create Visual Interest

Choosing contrasting site furniture pieces adds visual interest and can make your space more dynamic. Play with alternative colors, materials, and shapes to create a landscape that stands out. Consider pairing sleek, modern tables with classic, ornate benches or mixing vibrant seating with neutral accents. The possibilities are endless, and the result is an outdoor space that captivates and engages.

Picture of KRD Table mix and match

Picture of Dragonfly Bench and Harmony Litter

Optimize Functionality

Different outdoor spaces have varied functions, and the right mix of site furniture designs can optimize functionality. For example, pairing picnic tables with contemporary loungers in a park creates a versatile setting suitable for both family picnics and casual relaxation. Combine together a mix of tables, chairs and planters to establish a parklet or outdoor dining area. Keystone Ridge Designs offers a wide range of functional and stylish site furniture, allowing you to customize your space to meet specific needs while maintaining a cohesive design.

Picture of Parklet

Picture of Keystone Ridge Designs Everett Chairs

Embrace Sustainability

Being open to coordinating different site furniture elements also aligns with sustainable design principles. Instead of discarding existing pieces, consider integrating them with new additions to extend the life cycle of your furniture. By combining new and existing elements, you not only reduce waste but also contribute to a more sustainable and responsible outdoor design.

Picture of Recyling Litter and Planter

Picture of Creekview Plaza

Encourage Social Interaction

The strategic arrangement of mixed site furniture designs can foster social interaction and community engagement. Create conversation nooks by combining communal seating with individual chairs, or mix and match tables and chairs to accommodate various group sizes. Keystone Ridge Designs' versatile collection allows you to experiment with layouts that encourage people to gather, connect, and enjoy the outdoors together.

Picture of Courtyard Chairs

Picture of KRD Penn Tables

In the world of outdoor design, mixing and matching site furniture can create a memorable public space. Keystone Ridge Designs provides a diverse range of high-quality, customizable site furniture options, empowering you to express your style, enhance functionality, and create visually stunning and socially inviting outdoor spaces. Embrace the freedom and let a combination of site furniture styles redefine the way pedestrians experience and enjoy the outdoors.