July 20, 2022

Keystone Ridge Designs Top Sellers

As people continue to opt outside and find new ways to enjoy outdoor spaces, business has been booming for the site furniture industry. Making sure your exterior spaces are equipped with the right amenities to facilitate leisure, recreation, dining or any other activity in the outdoors remains important in facility management.

Product selections from designers and property managers are often based on existing architectural themes or project design goals. It’s always interesting however to pause and take a look at our sales data to see which products are trending at Keystone Ridge Designs and coming out on top for popularity. Reviewing the past two years, we see that many of our “site furniture standards” remain standard in public space design, but for the official results, here is a countdown of the current top 10 Keystone Ridge Designs best sellers.

10. Grove Bollards

A simple solution to a common need. When you are looking for a sturdy and durable steel post to direct traffic, block access or provide perimeter security, the Grove bollard is a popular favorite.

9. Courtyard Tables

With or without arms, an optional umbrella hole, variable sizes and seating capacities – options abound on our Courtyard table set. That, combined with the weight and durability to withstand all weather, makes this sought-after table design ideal for outdoor seating and dining.

8. Lamplighter Benches

The Lamplighter bench has long been a top pick for small towns, historic streetscapes and other traditional settings. Its nostalgic old-world design seems to never go out of style and remains a popular choice.

7. Schenley Benches

The patented Schenley bench holds appeal because it can blend into settings both new and old. A classic design with stylized nuances, it frequently catches the eye of landscape designers and has been finding its way into more and more outdoor projects.

6. Reading Litter Receptacles

Trash cans always hold a special place in our hearts – mostly because multiple litter receptacles usually end up in our list of top sellers! Everyone has trash and the Reading litter receptacle is one of the preferred places to put it.

5. Sonance Bike Racks

Basic in design and practical in function, the Sonance bike rack also brings the quality needed to serve your bicycle parking needs. For those reasons, and the increasing popularity of bicycle commuting, it’s no question how it ended up high on our list.

4. Pullman Benches

Always a go-to design when looking for a standard park bench, the Pullman bench can be found in public spaces all across the country and has been a part of our lists of best sellers for more than 25 years.

3. Midtown Litter Receptacles

Historically, the Midtown litter receptacle is often the most popular Keystone Ridge Designs product. It is a true classic in commercial site furnishings. It is popular for shopping centers, corporate campuses, city streets and more.

2. Reading Benches

The familiar Reading bench is most frequently chosen for memorial bench installations but it just as often gets selected for parks, streetscapes and college campuses, making it our current top selling Keystone Ridge Designs bench.

1. Harmony Litter Receptacles

And our #1 product is… The Harmony Litter Receptacle! You can’t go wrong with a Harmony. It coordinates well with any of our other site furniture products and complements a variety of landscape design trends and themes. Of course, as with any Keystone Ridge Designs product, you can expect a gorgeous powder coat finish and long-term durability.

The list of top selling site furniture can change from year to year or even month to month, and new product launches are always on the horizon that can change the game. In any case, this list is a great place to start when planning your spaces and selecting site furniture. From there you can browse our complete collection of unique and patented designs or consider product alterations and customizations to find the right fit for your space.