July 21, 2016

Top 5 Unusual Site Furniture Customizations

As summer building projects are being completed, it’s always a great time to see the creative ideas of our clients and design team come to fruition. We love seeing the unique items coming off of the production line. Over the years, we have seen some particularly interesting creations that we thought we’d share in our Top 5 Unusual Customizations post.

#5 - Custom Towel Rack

For a popular ski resort out west, we began by providing bike racks and custom ski racks. So why not take it a step further with a towel rack for the pool area?

Showcasing some unusual site furniture customizations

#4 - Custom Litter and Recycling Receptacle

In a combination of custom ideas, this litter receptacle came together with a custom laser cut, custom two-tone color scheme and custom decals as an alteration of our Penn trash can.

Penn Dual Receptacle for Recycling and Trash with Custom decals

#3 - Surfboard Bike Rack

Here is one hot off the production line this summer. Our client inspired this custom surfboard bike rack. Bold and bright, this is sure to catch attention.

Surfboard style custom bike rack for Anastasia Plaza

#2 - Custom Fence Layout

In a collaboration with Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architecture, we were able to use our expertise in steel and laser cutting technology to create a custom fence for the trails of a nature preserve.

Custom fence design

And the #1 Unusual Customization is...

Your future creative brainstorm! Don’t hold back, bring us your ideas! We’d love to give it a shot. We’ve had discussions about everything from a guitar-shaped bench to a cow-shaped bike rack.

We know we talk about customization a lot in our blog, but it’s because we love to do it! Whatever the idea or no matter how unusual, let us know how we can help!