September 16, 2022


Recently in our blog, we highlighted our top-selling site furniture products. While that list consists of our tried-and-true standard benches, litter receptacles, table sets and more, we still like to showcase the latest and greatest in custom site furniture creations. Our expertise in made-to-order manufacturing gives us the flexibility to customize products exactly to specification from small alterations to straight-from-the-drawing-board designs.

This is best seen in our regular #FridayFabrication social media posts. In these posts, we go directly to the production floor to discover products in real time, hot off the powder coating line and ready for packaging. You can almost always count on finding something interesting when you see our incredible team hard at work in our production facilities. Below are just a few favorites that have been highlighted during our past #FridayFabrication posts across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Laser Cut Creation (9/2/2019)

An early post in our #FridayFabrication series, this application of laser cutting technology within the slats of our Carson bench was a unique way to showcase a shopping district’s name.

Custom, Custom, Custom! (12/13/2019)

Custom color, custom wood-grain aluminum slats and custom ADA accessible table top extension. The only thing standard is the quality and durability that the Breakwater picnic table is known for.

Customization in Reverse (7/24/2020)

The color palette of Gloss Black and Cherry Flame wood-grain aluminum is done two ways on these Everett benches. Add to it a center arm and custom logo in reverse colors and you’ve got yourself a true Keystone Ridge Designs original.

Big-A$$ Customization (8/21/2020)

We would be remiss if we did not mention this custom fabrication. These 3000 lb, 7ft tall bison statues were manufactured by our team out of weathering steel. A one-of-kind build that emphasizes our steel manufacturing expertise!

Intricate Insets (1/8/2021)

There was so much creativity and customization in this job, that it got its own blog post! However, it was first revealed on social media when the initial Creekview benches with laser cut designs and custom colors came off the production line.

Making Friends with Furniture (1/22/2021)

Buddy benches are often done with a simple plaque in the back of a bench. This instance turned the back of a Breakwater bench into full-scale, laser-cut buddy bench signage with a background panel to match school colors.

A Large Small Table (7/9/2021)

Deceptively small but simultaneously large, a photo does not appropriately convey the unique scale of this children’s table set. Designed as a variant of our Puddin Drippins children’s furniture line and our Penn table set, this table was custom fabricated at a lower height to accommodate small children, but was also created to be extra-long for cafeteria-style seating capacity.

Something to Lean On (10/8/2021)

Our Carson leaning rails are a standard product, but when seen in mass production in a custom color, it was something worth highlighting to bring attention to this useful seating alternative.

Material Modifications (3/25/2022)

Our primary expertise is in steel, but our made-to-order manufacturing process allows for easy material substitutions. In this case with our Everett bench and Breakwater Harvest table, a modern farmhouse vibe was achieved by incorporating gray recycled plastic slats.

Fun and Games (4/22/2022)

For us, manufacturing is always fun, but this photo allowed us to share the fun with our followers! The added game board on a custom table top allowed our client to also bring the fun to their project site.

Stunning Standards (5/6/2022)

These products weren’t custom, but when you see how beautiful the Loma lounge chairs look after production and the attention to detail that goes into manufacturing them, it’s worth posting about.

Groovy Customization (8/19/2022)

One of our more recent #FridayFabrication posts, our KeyshieldArt process really shines in this customization that turned our Reading bench into a groovy tie-dye creation.

This collection of #FridayFabrication highlights is just a small sample of what we regularly feature on our social media channels. We showcase the extraordinary customizations but also the standard products that are exclusive in their patented designs, quality features and manufacturing excellence. You can stay up to date with everything new and interesting at Keystone Ridge Designs by following us on any of our pages: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

What remains evident throughout, however, is that we welcome your creative ideas and custom projects at any stage of the design process. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, our made-in-America pride, and our dedicated team of skilled designers and fabricators can make you site furnishings that are worth the investment and even Instagram-worthy.