July 11, 2018

Park Bench Workout

You do not need fancy, expensive, new machines to get in a fast workout. Actually, all you need is a durable bench. Park bench workouts are a great way to incorporate variety into your exercise routine, and Keystone Ridge Designs is here to help. Our benches can be found in parks, hiking trails, biking trails, and public areas nationwide. These park benches give you a place not only to relax, but to support your healthy, active lifestyle. Park bench workouts allow you to add strength training to your cardio workouts. So, next time you are on a walk in the park, look for a sturdy Keystone Ridge Designs bench on which to practice these exercises.*

Use a classic park bench to aid in your exercise workout

Pictured: Penn Bench with Back and Penn Litter Receptacle

1: Step Up With Knee Drive

For this exercise, start with one leg bent on the bench in front of you and one planted on the ground, forming a running position. Next, drive the planted leg up towards your chest. Return your foot to the group and repeat. Remember to keep your shoulders back, arms bent, and use your core to help you stand straight.

Step Up With Knee Drive Exercise on a Penn Bench

2: Mountain Climbers

This exercise starts by placing your hands flat on the bench in a push up position. Stagger your legs to form a lunge position with one leg slightly more forward at a 90-degree bend. Bring the bent knee up to your chest, then return it to the ground straight. Repeat this workout while alternating legs.

Mountain Climbers Exercise on a Penn Bench

3: Pushups

While facing the bench, place both hands flat on the edge of the bench to begin this exercise. Plant your legs straight out behind you, with your toes on the ground in a push up position. Lower your body to create a 90-degree bend with your arms, then push back up to your starting position.

Pushup exercuse on a Penn Bench

4: Tricep Dips

To begin this exercise, face away from the bench and place your hands at shoulder width apart on the edge of the bench behind you. Have both feet flat on the ground, and knees bent at 90 degrees. Dip your body below the bench; this should create a 90 degree in your arms. Push back up after dipping, and then repeat the exercise.

Tricep Dip exercise on a Penn Bench

After these intense workouts, you will need a few minutes to cool down. Park benches can also support healthy stretching habits. Use the bench for balance while you stretch out your calves, quads, and hamstrings.

These are just a few ideas to help you towards your fitness goals. Feel free to get creative or even add weights to some of these routines, all while keeping safety in mind.*

If you know of a park or public area seeking to install site furniture to accommodate active pedestrians, Keystone Ridge Designs has several bench designs perfect for the job. The Reading and Everett benches are ideal with nice flat seats and sturdy arms for additional support. For more information, give Keystone Ridge Designs a call today.

* DISCLAIMER: Keystone Ridge Designs is an expert in powder coated site furniture, not fitness. Consult a physician or other health care professional before starting this or any workout routine. Please make sure the bench is securely bolted in place before performing any weight-bearing activities. Any exercise can result in injury. Keystone Ridge Designs is not responsible for any injury that occurs while performing exercises on or around their products. The primary intent of our benches is to provide seating solutions. Exercise at your own risk.