May 25, 2022

Production with Purpose

When is a bench more than just a bench? With us, pretty much always. From memorial benches whose stories touch our hearts, to downtown revitalization projects that transform a community, to inclusive park designs that foster accessible outdoor recreation, there is always a reason to connect with the purpose of our products and understand the impact site furniture can have, whether big or small.

No matter how busy our production schedule is, understanding the meaningful nature of our work is essential to our company culture and the passion that our employees bring to their jobs every day. That is what makes us go above and beyond for clients - whether it’s a unique customization, an order expedite, a personal delivery, a customer satisfaction follow up, or even just offering a listening ear. And every now and then, a story comes along that changes hearts and inspires a team to rally together to do something unforgettable.

One Special Story

To single out one story does not do justice to the many projects we see come and go through our doors. The inspirational dedications of lives well-lived, the heartbreaking memorials of people gone too soon, entire parks built to honor those who have made important impacts on their communities. However, a recent story of a memorial bench requested for a young child lost in an unimaginable accident caused a ripple effect throughout our organization that touched the hearts of all involved.

Taylor’s story was one of a terrible loss and of a community seeking to preserve his legacy. It is a story that immediately resonated with the territory manager who handled the first inquiry, connected to the purpose, and felt called to see it through with care. This led to conversations with our design team and collaborations with a graphic designer who were inspired to create a colorful custom bench that was unique, personal, and representative of the boy’s personality.

When the story continued on to the production team for manufacturing, not a step went by that did not keep the meaningful purpose in focus. A photo of Taylor with a short description of his story travelled through the different stages of the assembly process and with each person involved in its production.

The project culminated with a separate plaque signed by every employee that was presented to the family as a keepsake of how much this project and their son’s legacy meant to our team. Members of our staff even attended the dedication ceremony in Florida to show support for the community and pride in the project. (Learn more about this special dedication HERE.)

We hope that this bench offers consolation to Taylor’s family and the community that surrounded him. We hope that it remains a lasting memorial to honor the child and stand as a reflection of his life. We know for sure however, that he will remain in our hearts as do the stories of many others that we have encountered throughout our 26+ years of business.

Continuing a Legacy

We often state that our company mantra is to “Deliver Excellence.” That is what we strive to do every day, whether it’s answering a phone, grinding a weld, or handling a memorial bench situation with compassion and care. This mantra has become even more significant with the recent passing of our company’s founder and patriarch. It is his vision of production with a higher purpose that moves us forward and keeps us grounded to recognize the special nature of each job that we do. It is his legacy of hard work, kindness, faith and passion that inspires our team to learn and connect with our clients' stories and deliver excellence every step of the way.

In Memory

Carl A. Slear