November 19, 2020

Design Timeline - Patented Site Furniture

As we continue through our anniversary year, we thought we would look back at what 25 years of site furniture design looks like. Currently holding over 45 patents, Keystone Ridge Designs’ collection is as diverse as the markets we serve. From traditional to modern product launches, the timeline of our notable site furniture design patents shows a history of embracing creative innovation, following industry trends, and seeking collaborative inspiration.

Keystone Ridge Creekview Benches

Follow the product links below to learn more about each of our patented bench designs through the years.

1996Atlanta, Reading:  In the year after Keystone Ridge Designs was founded, we received our first patents on these two products that have been a mainstay in our collection as classic outdoor seating solutions.

1997Yuma:  Fun fact, this unique bench design has found its home in many churches across the country because of the similarity to the Ichthys symbol!

Keystone Ridge Designs Yuma Bench Church

1999McConnell, Horizon, Catalina, Artisan:  This year was a busy year of increasing product variety with inspired design nuances. The McConnell quickly became a popular design of the time. Often imitated but never duplicated! 

2001Exeter:  A series of products that brought modern curves and eye-catching angles to our line.

Keystone Ridge Exeter Bench Corporate Campus

2002Atticus, Augustine, Breakwater, Kerrington, Midtown, Thendara: With a focus on architectural elements and design influences from our site installations, these products continued to showcase our creativity. Even today, the Breakwater remains a timeless product favorite.

Keystone Ridge Breakwater Bench Library

2003Fenwick, Leesburg, Pylon, Torque:  With a blend of inspiration from industrial design and farmhouse styling, the mixed materials of these designs opened up new possibilities in product customization.

2005Tei:  Recognizing that site furniture can convey a theme with distinctive design and can in itself serve as an artistic installation, these next two years of design captured that essence. 

Keystone Ridge Tei Bench Campus

2006Dragonfly, Liberty:  Eye-catching, thematic and pushing the boundaries of artistic design.

2010Schenley:  The design is in the details, especially in the diligent attention to creating a cast end design that appeals to modern and traditional settings alike. It is one of our most sought-after designs to date.

Keytone Ridge Schenley Bench Downtwon

2016Stanza:  Innovation is at the heart of this design as it recognizes new ways in which public spaces can and are being used.

2017Everett:  Here we returned to our precision in cast end design while adding the contemporary appeal of wide slats.

Keystone Ridge Everett Bench Commerce City

2019Loma, Carson:  Continuing to push the envelope of furnishing public spaces, lounge seating and a striking pedestal mount bench increased the capabilities of comprehensive landscape design.

Keystone Ridge Carson Bench Streetscape

2020Creekview:  Modern design with mixed materials was the vision that created this series that is gaining fast recognition among architects and property managers alike.

In 25 years, we have come a long way since our first patented Atlanta bench. It is fascinating to look back and see how trends have changed and how we have discovered new inspiration sources along the way. Our patent timeline shows an important piece of Keystone Ridge Designs history and it is not even inclusive of all the patents that we hold! Beyond what we listed, numerous other patents exist on our litter receptacles and essential design elements of other products.

It is also important to note that outside of our patented products, we proudly showcase many other original designs and product customizations that continue to be popular among our site furniture collection. The biggest takeaway however, is that we will never stop innovating. We will continue to stay in tune with current trends and the changing landscape. We will collaborate. We will research. We will invest. We will learn. We will respond. 25 years of design is just the beginning.