August 20, 2021

Tips For Buying A Memorial Bench

It is never an easy process to determine how to best memorialize or pay tribute to a loved one. With many custom memorial and remembrance products available, it can be a daunting and emotional journey. When a client comes to us looking to create a personalized memorial bench, we do our best to remain sensitive to the many questions that come up along the way and we strive to make sure the final product meets the needs of a lasting and meaningful installation. In this blog, we would like to provide additional education by addressing common questions and options that are often considered when buying a custom memorial bench.


When it comes to a bench that needs to stand the test of time, we recommend a powder coated steel bench. With fully-welded construction and a durable high-gloss finish, steel benches will offer you the best price-to-life ratio that resists rusting, fading or product breakdown over time. Material options are also available for wood slats or recycled plastic, but for the classic garden bench appeal, our clients most commonly choose powder coated steel for both looks and longevity.


There are a few basic decisions that need to be made in selecting a memorial bench - what it will look like, how big it will be, and what color.

  • Style - Bench design styles can range from traditional to modern or have an artistic flair. Try to choose something that coordinates with the property where it will be installed or echoes a theme with a meaningful connection to the honoree. For a complete listing of Keystone Ridge Designs bench options, click HERE.

  • Size - The size of the bench can be determined by the space available at the installation site, the amount of people you want it to seat, or the price you are willing to pay. Standard bench sizes are 4’, 6’ and 8’. Six-foot benches are the most frequently requested.
  • Color - Color can be chosen to reflect the décor of the property, the color preferences of the purchaser or the personality of the individual being remembered. Choose from a standard selection of colors or opt for a custom color to exactly suit your design vision.


The custom options are what distinguish the bench as unique, memorable and personal.

  • Plaques - What makes a bench a memorial installation is typically the “In Memory of” text included on it. In most cases, this is done with a cast bronze plaque. These plaques are the same quality and construction as what you find on cemetery markers and historical landmarks. They can be customized to include names, dates, quotes, emblems, symbols and even photos. A standard plaque size is 10” x 5” but custom sizes are available to accommodate varying amounts of text. For more information about plaques and specifications, read our Guide to Plaques.
  • Graphics –To make a bench really stand out, you can incorporate full-color graphics. This can be done as a small full-color sign attached to the bench or fully encompassing the bench slats or seat back. Read more about our KeyshieldArt capabilities.

  • Custom Modifications – Other considerations in personalizing your bench are custom sizes, curved benches, color matching, center arms or other custom product alterations made available through made-to-order manufacturing.


If you are having trouble deciding on a bench design, we can share from our experience that a few standard bench styles and sizes come out on top as the most popular for memorial bench installations. See below for our most common designs listed with their standard prices.*

Pullman 4ft Bench with Back (with 10”x5” Cast Bronze Plaque)     $1,665 Pullman 6ft Bench with Back (with 10”x5” Cast Bronze Plaque)     $1,725

Reading 4ft Bench with Back (with 10”x5” Cast Bronze Plaque)     $2,030 Reading 6ft Bench with Back (with 10”x5” Cast Bronze Plaque)     $2,225

Schenley 4ft Bench with Back (with 10”x5” Cast Bronze Plaque)   $2,075 Schenley 6ft Bench with Back (with 10”x5” Cast Bronze Plaque)   $2,180

Lamplighter 4ft Bench with Back (with 10”x5” Cast Bronze Plaque)     $2,200 Lamplighter 6ft Bench with Back (with 10”x5” Cast Bronze Plaque)     $2,305

You can find base pricing for other bench designs on our website. A plaque will typically be an additional $330 charge to what is listed on the website.*


When you have an idea of what you want, you can request a quote online, live chat or send us an email. If you still have questions and need assistance, just give us a call. In any case, you will be directed to a specialist that will be your key point of contact to walk you through the entire planning and ordering process. It is our goal to make that process as smooth and easy as possible and to ensure complete satisfaction every step of the way.

*Prices do not include shipping and packaging. That will be added on at time of quoting. Additional customizations are extra. Prices listed are January 2024 prices at latest update. Call 800-284-8208 for a current price quote.