February 22, 2022

Site Furniture Sets

2-22-22: A day to celebrate all things two. On this special Twosday, we thought it would be appropriate to recognize our very own famous pairs and duos - those site furniture pieces that perfectly complement each other in a harmonious set to prove that sometimes two is in fact better than one. So, move over Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly and all of the other iconic duos, because these product pairings are love at first site furnishings.

A Match Made in Butler, PA

When it comes to our most common product pairings, it is pretty clear that benches and trash cans go together like peas and carrots. Imagine someone sitting at a bus stop bench with a box of chocolates. Where would they throw away the empty wrappers? Where there is a need to take a seat on a bench, there will likely be a need to dispose of trash in a receptacle. Here are the hottest bench and litter receptacle couples coming out of the Keystone Ridge Designs production facilities:

Pullman bench and Harmony litter receptacle

Lamplighter bench and Midtown litter receptacle

Side By Side

Some products feel most at home with another product always by its side. Our leaning rails are innovative seating solutions that offer a space-saving way to take a rest by simply leaning back. Often found right by a leaning rail’s side is our Penn ash tower. These products installed together help to create established smoking areas away from building entrances.

Likewise, a common companion to a trash can is a separate recycling receptacle installed nearby. This offers pedestrians a convenient and obvious sorting solution to support community recycling initiatives.

The Perfect Accessory

Add-on accessories can either enhance the functionality of a product or make it more personal. The following products are so frequently combined together with an add-on item that they start to look lonely without them. Help keep these precious pairs together by ordering these popular combinations.

Combine a table set with an umbrella to provide seating and outdoor dining with shade and rain protection.

Customize a bench with a cast bronze plaque to allow for donor recognition or property personalization.

When Two are Better than One

It’s been said that one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. Here are some examples as it applies to outdoor property furniture.

Two bike racks together increase your bike parking capacity and make a distinctive area for cyclists to park.

Two bollards give you the flexibility to close off areas with a chain connection or create a space to connect a hammock.

Two benches are often installed face to face to create quaint areas to connect with others, or back-to-back for additional seating, multiple views and a small footprint.

Two in One

Sometimes instead of ordering two separate items, you can just get the combo! These are not site furnishings that come with fries and a drink, but they are two-in-one, multi-functional products that are truly inseparable.

Dual trash and recycling receptacles combine both sorting options into one space-saving unit.

A combination bike/ski rack for ski resorts offers bike storage in the summer and ski/snowboard organization in the winter.

Remember, it takes two flints to make a fire. Two heads are better than one. There are two sides to every story… and more standard quotes about twos. In summary, this blog is just our two cents about sets, pairs and duos of the site furniture world. Happy Twosday!